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Tied Up Sides

Round 4 - tied up sides. This is the most risque t-shirt remodel this week and the final product will show some skin...unless you wear a cami. Make sure the shirt is not fitted because tying up the sides will make it fitted. And I am using a long sleeve shirt that I picked up for $1 thinking that it was short sleeve.

Step 1 - Lay the shirt out flat. If you want, cut the sleeves and the neck. I cut off both the neck and the long sleeves.

Step 2 - Cut in perpendicular about an inch along the side seam. Too technical? Just cut towards the center of the shirt from the side. Make the cuts about half inch to an inch wide. Like so:

Step 3 - Cut off every other strip. You could leave every strip, but it gets hard to tie every single one. I found it easier to tie every other one.

Step 4 - Then separate the front and back of the shirt by cutting the strips along the seam.

Step 5 - Tie the two corresponding side strips together.

Step 6 - Stretch out the sides of the shirt by tugging on it. Be careful to not pull too hard and rip the shirt.

Step 7 - Wear it!

Yes, I am crooked. Blogger hates me today and will not upload the pictures correctly. So, everyone just turn your head to the side. And you can see the skin I mentioned earlier. However, if you put a cami on or even a long sleeve shirt in the winter, this shirt will have a G rating instead of PG-13.

Next week = regularly scheduled DIY projects.


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