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This Is Progress?

Sad news - the old house that gave me the last freebies is a goner. It was demolished and now there are only large trees on the lot. I know that some people see this as progress - an "eye sore" is gone from the street. However, the Victorian-house-lover in me cried when I drove past the empty lot. Yes, the house was in a dilapidated state...but it had soooo much potential and could have been a shining star with a little love. It sads me to know that a house with so much history could just be torn down. I guess it is the optimist in me, always thinking that junk is a treasure.

You probably don't remember, but way back when I started the blog I posted about my parents' house. Their house was also condemned and about to be torn down when they rescued it.  But, you would never know that now and my childhood home is a true gem.

Anyways, I'll get off my soap box now. This is how the house looked when it was still standing:

And, compliments of my mom's iPhone, here are some action shots of it being torn down:

Also on the sad news front - the tornado house is also gone. It was torn down a few weeks back. However, this house was in bad shape due to a natural disaster so this demolition might be excusable.

I sense a trend here... free items = torn down house. Not a trend I want to continue to support. Do I have to stop finding freebies? I sure hope not.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hate it when old buildings and houses are torn down.

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