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Remodeling T-shirts

                              *Warning - lots of pictures*
I am taking a break from blogging about the house remodel this week - life is getting in the way and I haven't actually completed many projects lately. Instead of the house, I'm going to talk about remodeling some of my t-shirts. I have fallen out of love with some of my clothes and decided to spice up my closet a little for zero dollars. The only thing you'll need to remodel some of your shirts is a pair of scissors and a few cotton t-shirts.

First project is a circle-scarf. (I don't know what the technical name is for this scarf.) And this scarf is actually what began all the t-shirt remodeling. I saw this neat scarf online and thought it was perfect for all seasons:
dusty blue w/ brown print necklush

That was until I saw the $42 price tag. Gulp. I don't like it that much. But, being the thrifty person I am, I had to make one for myself. And, being the nice person I am, I'm showing you how to get your very own circle-scarf. *Make sure your shirt does not have a side seam. Also, the larger the size of the shirt, the longer the loops will be.* For this project, I'm using a large shirt. And I did this project while sitting on the couch watching TV, hence Baby in just about every picture.

Step 1 - Lay the shirt out flat and cut the bottom hem off. Then cut straight across the shirt right under the arm pits. You will have a tube:

Step 2 - Cut about 1 inch strips. These don't have to be perfect, just cut.

Step 3 - Stretch out the strips. Place one strip to the side and don't stretch it. You can see how uneven my cuts are.

Step 4 - Even up the loops and tie them together with the unstretched strip.

Step 5 - Wear it! There are a lot of different ways to wear this scarf. Here are a few of my favorites.

Long Circles:




And the best part is that this was free! I just cut up a t-shirt that I never wore. It is also great because it can easily be made while chilling on the couch - it is 100 degrees outside. Now y'all go make some circle scarfs.


healthybeth said...

LOVE! I may get Cam in on this project! Thanks for the idea, Nene. :)

Christine said...

Yours is cute! I like to double only half of it so that it is multi length.....they're fun.

Meredith said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing - I love how your scarf turned out and the different ways you can wear it! Maybe a red, white, and blue one is in order for this weekend! :)

Jess@Balancing The Dream said...

i LOVE this!!! such a great idea!! and easy too!! thanks for sharing!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Verryy clever and oh so cute! Thanks for the great tutorial - Baby and all! lol!

xoxo laurie

southernscraps said...

This turned out great, great color. Thanks for sharing all the ways to wear it. I recently made a couple of these. They were so much fun.

Mom Photographer said...

wow!!! love love love IT!!! great ides, seriously. I was about to throw away a few of my old clothes... but now, I am not going to :)

Maury said...

So cute! I think they are called infinity scarfs?

Anonymous said...

Cute. I'm wishing i hadn't thrown away those old t shirts.

Lerryn Gray said...

My husband is at a party... I may raid his T-shirts! ;p

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Fun to wear and easy to make. Thanks for the great instructions.

Jones Smith said...

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