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Slitted V-Neck

Round two of t-shirt remodeling - making a slitted v-neck. My fitted t-shirt is getting changed from a round neck to a v-neck. Here is the easy how-to so you too can have a v-neck.

Step 1 - Cut the band off from around the neck of the t-shirt. I also cut the sleeves off to make it a tank. If you don't want a tank, leave the sleeves. But it is hot, hot, hot here and no sleeves are mucho bettero.

Step 2 - Fold the shirt so that the two side seams are together and the front of the shirt has a fold down the center. If this completely confused you, just check the next picture for a reference.

Step 3 - Find something with a straight edge and place it on the shirt where you want the v-neck. The farther down the shirt you place the straight edge, the deeper the v will be. I used a dvd case as my straight edge.

Step 4 - Cut straight slits from the fold to the straight edge. Make the slits about half an inch wide.

Step 5 - Stretch the slits.

Step 6 - Wear it! And yes, I am a nerd and had to take photos of the shirt using a mirror. A girl has to improvise when home alone - and I sure don't think Paris or Baby could have taken the pictures.

Another free t-shirt remodel. I love the v-neck since it is much cooler than having the t-shirt right around my neck. And the slits just make it a little rocker-chic without showing too much skin. The best part is that you can decide how deep to make the v. I am not brave enough to have a deep v, but if you are then more power to you! And bonus points if you can name what movie that dvd case is for.


Anonymous said...

Love! I have a shirt I am going to do this to.

Sarah said...

Oh so cute! The slits are perfect.

healthybeth said...

Goonies! Cute shirt too!

Remodel This House said...

It is the Goonies! +20 bonus points to Beth!

Tammy Rose said...

Great! I did this and I love it.
Thank you!

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