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Do you ever have a really great idea in your head, and then when you make it...it doesn't look all that great anymore? Everyone raised their hand, right? If not, just humor me. This is exactly what happened to me with the art for the sun room. Let me explain. Here is the sun room:

It is is mostly a large window, french doors, and built-ins...with a little wall space. (The little wall space can barely be seen in the above photo. It is along the same wall as the built-ins) So I have been thinking about what to do with the little wall space for awhile now. I originally wanted to do an asymmetrical mirror arrangement. But the hubs said no because of the other two asym arrangements already in the house. And then I thought that I had settled on some sort of paint chip art - I even started collecting paint chips from the store.

But that thought quickly changed when I found three over-the-door type mirrors for $5. Yes, all three for $5. Hello! I can hang them horizontally and capitalize on the light in the sun room. Perfect...or so I thought. I hurried home to start hanging the mirrors.

I used double-sided foam tape to hang the mirrors. I thought that if I did like them, I could always secure them better to the wall later. Which if you are still reading, you know I that I never got around to securing them better. Anyways, here is the wall with one mirror:

Not bad, but not good either. So I added another mirror:

Yuck! I am not liking this at all. Cue the womp-womp let down sound effect. I didn't even put the third mirror on the wall. One more mirror on the wall would be one more I would have to take down. What a complete bubble-buster.

Now I know that cheap mirrors still look like cheap mirrors when hung on the wall. Back to square one - what to do with the wall in the sun room............


Erin said...

Hang in there! I'd say go back to the paint chip art idea! I'm curious to see how that will look :)

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

i have the perfect paint chip idea...

or lindsey at the pleated poppy painted hers..

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