We are a young couple remodeling our first house...one outdated / ugly thing at a time. This blog documents our remodel projects and ideas.


I know people are nosy, so I am treating y'all to a glimpse inside the Casa, and all of the pre-us ugliness. When I post about a remodel/change, I'll update the photos to include an after shot.

First up, the exterior...in all of its lacking-curb-appeal self. A plus though, large windows!

Not the most welcoming foyer, with the large built-ins and gold fixtures. The hardwood in the foyer continues in the kitchen, and carpet in the living room:

On move in day, looking towards front door. The living room is open to the dining room and kitchen:
Looking towards fireplace and kitchen, which has hardwood floors:

The dining room is semi-open to the kitchen on the right:

Not much to report on the sunroom. It is semi-small and there isn't much wall space due to the built-ins, large window, and french doors.

The guest bath (please excuse the flash) has a large wall mirror, big vanity, and gold fixtures:

We started out with a blank slate in the guest bedroom:

The third bedroom functions as the Man Cave. This is what it looked like on move in day:
After a $66 total room makeover, the Man Cave is looking more like a suitable hubby room instead of a storage room:

The closet is on the left (which is huge and I love), and double-doors to the bath on right:
The master bedroom sitting area is sad with a leftover apartment chair and too-small dresser:
The master bathroom is in need of some major remodel love. The is the right side- gold, gold. and more gold. That door on the far right leads to the toilet closet:
The left side with a whirlpool tub that doesn't drain well:
So, there is some of the house, pre-us. Sad, I know. The house needed us! Be sure to check back often to see the remodels and after pics!


healthybeth said...

Okay, I seriously didn't realize how different everything looks! I know you've done LOTS (I've seen it)! Guess I just forget about the before house! Great job!

Shannon said...

Your house looks great! I mean, I know there's plenty to be done, but it looks like the bones of the house are good - which means you'll have lots of fun making your place your own. Love those big windows in the sun room and the guest bedroom!

Karen said...

These are your before pictures? Honestly, you already have a beautiful house...more than I could ever imagine my fixer upper becoming. You could easily post these as after pictures. Seriously.

Remodel This House said...

@Karen - Thanks! Yes, we are very fortunate to have our house. However, I still have tons of projects I want to do to make it even better.

Becky said...

Hi, just found your blog and started following, we are just about to move into our first home in the Lake district UK so it is really interesting to see how different your house is! But we too have plenty of nasty gold/ brass fittings :( x

Matthew said...

Love the transformation and windows you add-in to add light.

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