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Playing Grown Up

Remember when I made the Mr. & Mrs. art? And remember how I said we had a little fun with the mustache cutouts? Well, I'm back to report in on that fun.

I printed out three different sized mustaches since I didn't know which would be best for the frame. And after making the Mr. art, I made the other two mustaches into photo booth props, it is really easy to do - just glue a small dowel rod to the back. With the mustache props ready to go, the camera came out.

The plan is to use a photo of each of us and make a family photo grouping. I think the grouping will either be clipped to a string, or put a photo in each pane of a window (one of the free ones). I will have to report back in on how I decide to display the photos. Anyways, these are the ones that made the cut:

Great looking family, huh? I know. I am quite lucky. And then here are some of the best out-takes. Mostly these involve the kids not cooperating. Like Merlin with his eyes closed:

Or Paris hiding her ears:

Or Baby trying to not look at me:

And me, hamming it up for the camera:

Yep, we act like kids around here and probably need adult supervision. I always say that we are "just playing grown up" and "subscribe to Less Fear, More Fun".

So - what goofy photos have you taken lately? Any mustache family photos in the mix? And who thinks that the hubby needs not a mustache?! He looks like he could easily be the butcher in Gangs of New York... watch out Daniel Day-Lewis.


Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

OMG, I have an eclectus parrot too! His name is Jack, they are such sweeties! You don't normally find someone else that has one, pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

You guys have a lot of fun! I bet your house is a hoot to live in.

healthybeth said...

I'm cracking up at this!!!

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