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New Curtains - Opinions Needed

Yep, I made some curtains for the newly-fitted-with-blinds window in the master bedroom. I was going to use my trusted sheet-curtains for this space, but I couldn't find any sheets that were cute enough. So I hit up Hancock, the same place I got the yellow chevron fabric, to see what they had up their sleeve.

After a little searching, I went home with 3 yards of this:

It is perfect - yellow, gray, and white. Plus it was 40% off which makes the fabric almost as cheap as two flat sheets. And I am so cheap that I planned to cut the fabric down the center and get two panels out of it. If I think I need fuller curtains once they are hung, I can always go back and get 3 more yard and have two panels on each side of the window.

I hemmed up the sides and created a fold-over pocket for the curtain rod by using a very scientific method -  the hardwood floor lines and a tape measure. Very precise around here.

Then,  I was ready to hang the new curtains. Here are the curtains, hung high and wide and looking mighty fine:

Mucho bettero! And just because I have been majorly slacking in the home remodel front, I made a video of this area:

Things to note in the video:
  • I can't hold a camera steady to save my life
  • Hubby and I are at a stand-still over the laundry, hence the pile of his uniforms (I won't hang up clothes if they aren't straight out of the dryer.)
  • The pile on the floor is the old curtains and roomba.
  • The chair desperately needs some funkier fabric and I plan to tackle this.
  • The couch is still in front of the bed, and I put the uniforms back on it.
  • The door still has 1" blinds.
I also think that you need a reminder as to what the area used to look like. Here is a picture from a while back:

That is a move-in day picture. We don't have that chair anymore, or that lamp either. The furniture you see in the video and pictures actually started out in the living room. It is now in the sitting area because we got new living room furniture!

So.....What do you think? Should I keep it as is? Or should I go back and get more fabric to have two panels on each side?


Anonymous said...

I like the color palette a lot!

Nancy Davis said...

Hey there Bethany! Nice curtain, love the color and transformation. Love to feature some of your work at our website, please contact and let see what we can do.


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