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Art Trio

With the new bedding in the master, I finally decided it was past time to DIY some art to go above the bed. And with all the materials already on hand, the art was F-R-E-E, which makes it even better. Here are the supplies to make this super-easy 3 piece ensemble:
Canvas, Fabric, Staple Gun, & Scissors

Yes, one of the canvases is previously used. My five year old niece painted it with items from outside. Since I hadn't found a spot for it in the house, I used it for this project. The fabric is only stapled to the wood frame on the back side of the canvas, so it is removable and won't damage the precious art underneath.

This is so easy. All you do is staple the fabric to the back of the canvas - just like upholstering a seat cushion. Repeat the process for each canvas and you are done. I know - cheap and simple...can't get any better.

To hang the canvases, I placed them on the top of the headboard to measure the spacing. After some easy math, I measured down from the ceiling and marked in three places. Then I used a level just to make sure that my marks are level. (You never know, I might not be able to read a tape measure. I once called out a measurement as 2/8...more commonly known as 1/4.) With my marks level, I stuck in three gorilla hooks and hung the art. Almost as easy as making it.

Finished project pictures:

Best part - the fabric can be easily changed out when I change the bedding.

You might have noticed that the bed wasn't made when I was hanging the art. That is because I don't make the bed anymore. I tried to make the bed, but I have two little scoundrels that like to un-make the bed. Witness them in action:


Anonymous said...

Where did you get that fabric? I love it and have been looking for chevron.

Samantha said...

What a great idea! Looks fantastic.

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