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$3 Side Table Makeover

That title makes me happy - $3 for a total side table makeover?! Yes please! And the finished table will probably make you smile too...especially if you are a girl that loves fuchsia-pink and zebra print, like me. As you probably know, I have this strange addiction to thrift stores. I visit them all once a week. And it is a super time for me when I find something cheap in need of a little love. I am always up for the challenge. So, this time it was a $3 side table just screaming for a makeover.

First I lightly sanded the surface so the new paint would stick. Then I painted the legs a bright pink color. The paint was actually a sample bottle I had stored away in the garage, waiting on the perfect project to use it on. And this seemed to be the perfect table for some punchy pink legs.
After two quick coats of pink paint, I used some polyurethane on the legs to protect them. And this poly was free since it was left over from the hardwood floor refinishing project. Bonus points. Then I had to wait an entire day while the poly dried. I hate waiting! Oh - notice my furniture makeover area. It is two large tote tops in the guest bedroom floor. The weather had been ridiculous around here lately and I wasn't waiting on it any longer to get sunny outside. So I improvise and make do with what is on hand.

Final touch to the table was some zebra fabric for the top. This fabric was also free since it is the left over from another project. (The lime green lamp which I have yet to show finished pictures of.) I covered the top of the table just like you do for any other project - line up the fabric and then staple in place on the underside, making sure the fabric is tight. Then I gave the fabric a good dose of Mod Podge to make it more durable.

Done. One three dollar table, a few supplies already on hand, and a little time. This table is so much fun now!


Liz said...

This is a great idea, and looks fantastic. So fun! I have been following your blog and you've definitely inspired me to finally get on some of my own projects around my house. Maybe I'll have to try something like this.

mamascrapper said...

I love, love, looovvvveee that table. My new bathroom is going to be hot pink with a black and white zebra shower curtain!! I live in a house of 5 boys, ok 3 are dogs, but still! I decided the boys could have a football bathroom to call their own and mommmy finally gets something "girly!" Anywho, I love the table and the price! Great job :)

mom2crazygirls said...

very cute idea... ive never really thought about using fabric on a table top, but might have to try it out on my living room endtables. i have some cute fabric, and my table desperately need a little sprucing up!

Melissa said...

Great table! Newest follower here from Polly's hop.

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