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Kcup Hookup

I know this isn't a DIY or remodel post, but I wanted to quickly share a website with y'all that has the best deal on kcups - One Cup Connection. They have a wide selection of K-Cups.

Y'all know that I absolutely love my Keurig and use it everyday, as does my hubby - thanks Holly for buying it for me! And I am always hunting for a great deal on kcups. Well, one cup has a super deal going on right now - buy three and get one free...plus free shipping - use coupon code KCUP4! I was happy to take advantage of the coupon code and snatched up four boxes for myself:

These are 24 count boxes, not 18. The grand total for the 4 boxes was $35, which makes the price per kcup about .37 each. Not bad, not bad at all.

*I was not paid or perked for this post. I just wanted to honestly let y'all know about a great deal* And I also want to say that blogger is rebelling against me today and not cooperating when I try to edit - so ignore the bad editing and just look for the coupon code.


Emily said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I was in need of KCups and this deal is much better than my local store!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

Anonymous said...

Great deal! I will be visiting and ordering.

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