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Easiest DIY Fix - Caulking

Hello everyone! This is going to be a brief post about the easiest DIY fix...caulk. It is one of my best friends. I use caulk for everything...even before duct tape. And after doing a little wall/window work in the Man Cave, the window needed to be recaulked. So I grabbed my camera to snap a few pics of the in-progress-how-to caulk process.

Here is my go-to caulk - clear silicone - and a glimpse of the massive crack I'm filling:

All you do is squirt some of the caulk along the crack. And you can be generous with the caulk, especially if the crack is large. Go ahead and glob it on there. Then you take your pointy finger and press it along the crack at about a 45 degree angle to smooth out the caulk.
Wipe the excess caulk onto a paper towel. And you are done. That's it. The easiest fix.

The best thing is that the caulk is clear. And if you happen to not be the neatest caulker, like me, then you have no worries because no one will ever see it.
Now go out there and caulk all those cracks around the doors and windows.


Susan said...

As a professional painter, it breaks my heart to see you using this product. I guarantee this will come back to haunt you ... or the painter that has to cut out all this caulk & redo it correctly. Actually, I wish this wasn't even sold! You're going to have a big ugly mess, especially if you change colors. This product isn't 'paintable'. Any new paint is going to roll right off the caulk - leaving a glob of caulk & showing the old colors underneath. You should cut away the old lip of paint, use less caulk, & run it w/ a piece of cloth over your finger. There shouldn't be a big 'bead' of caulk showing. I hope you haven't used a lot of this & would absolutely recommend that you don't use any more!

Remodel This house said...

Susan - thanks for your comment! However, I have had no problems with the caulk. I have only used it to fill in cracks around doors and windows and I have painted over it with no issues. What type of caulk do you recommend?

Susan said...

Well, if you've been able to paint over this - then Rock On!! lol I really like silcone caulk, just absolutely hate the old school stuff that isn't paintable. We mostly use DAP acrylic latex + silicone - it's the blue label/35yr caulk. We do a lot of hand texture/brown bagging/glazing in bathrooms, so I've encountered a lifetime of bad experiences correcting caulk issues. I'm glad I'm wrong about your caulk & love seeing your projects.

Remodel This House said...

I will admit that I got a little scared reading your comment. I hope it doesn't haunt me! :)

Sarah said...

I love caulk too! It is the best fixer. And I love your blog too.

Susan said...

If it does, drop me a line & I'll walk you through a fix. I agree w/ Sarah, give me a drill, a hammer, & a tube of caulk - I can concur the world! lol Just be sure to wrap your finger w/ an old piece of t-shirt (or any thin rag) - you'll save the skin on your finger & get a nice smooth fill.

Susan said...

Grrrr ... thanks spell check/auto fill for changing the word conquer for me!

Matthew said...

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