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Baby Birds, Take 2

For some unknown reason to me, blogger decided to eat my baby robin post for breakfast the other day. Well guess what blogger…you can’t stop me that easily. I am writing another post on the babies, and I promise that this will be the last one…maybe.
Just to bring you up to speed quickly – we had 2 robins hatch in a nest by our back door. I was upset when they flew the nest less than a week old.
However, we (my hubby and I) have seen a baby bird twice now. And I was lucky enough to catch one of the times on video:
And snap a few pictures:

I don’t know why I am so interested in some birds. There is a bird that lives inside my house and I am never interested in him. Anyways, this ends the baby bird posts on the blog.
Oh – sorry I have been MIA lately. My real job has had me working 14+ hour days, and then I worked nights this week. Hopefully all disasters and flooding will stay away from the state for awhile and I can use my evenings for remodeling instead of real job work. And I will be able to post some quality DIY posts.


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