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Take That Sewing Machine

I finally have triumphed over the sewing machine. Go me! You might remember the first sewing machine post - the one where I made a dress. Well, I wore the dress, but it wasn't the best made and I knew I needed to practice more. So, what is the easiest thing to make? Pillows. Four straight lines = easy. A few pillows down and I started feeling confident and wanted to spice the pillows up a little.

Enter felt. I used stencils and cut out a few sayings and objects to add to my pillows. I also made my own stencils from coloring pages.

To get the cut outs to stick to the material, I used a little spray adhesive. I easily could rearrange the cut outs into the perfect pattern. Then I got to sewing....very tedious sewing. I made sure to use the same color thread as the felt to help blend in any mess-ups, which there were a few.

And after about 15 minutes, I had a Later Gator pillow:

I was so smitten with my handiwork that I continued to make pillows for the next two hours. And I actually had fun making them.

I sure hope you can tell what the pillows are...but just in case there is any question I'll spell it out - hunt, bike, mustache, hog fan, and 2 later gators. Aren't they darling? And the best part is that I got lots of practice.

P.S. - Dad, make sure that mom sees this post. I want her to know that I have been practicing.


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