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One Day...

That's what I say all the time - one day... And so I thought it would be a perfect time to show you some of the projects I started on but haven't finished. You know, I'll finish them one day.

First up is this leggy table I picked up at a thrift store:
This is it in the store. I'm thinking it would look great as a sofa table, or an entry table, or a sewing table, or a buffet table, or etc. Yep, this little table is oozing with potential. So I sanded it down and fixed a few gouges in the wood. Then I painted the bottom part of the table with my infamous blue paint. And that is where I stopped. Here is a one-day-I'll-finish-it teaser pic:

Next is a lamp...another brass lamp:
I have a game plan for this lamp - spray paint and new shade. Well, I got the spray painting done and that's it. I haven't finished the shade yet. Want another one-day-teaser-pic? Okay, here it is sporting a new lime green color:

Then there is this stool:
My mom got a smoking deal on this stool and then I swooped in and snagged it from her house. I have some plans to make this stool chic. But, once again, I haven't finished it.

So there are three projects that I have started on and yet to finish. And if I ever get around to finishing these one day, I'll be sure to post some pictures.


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