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How Does Your Garden Grow?

According to my grandma, Saturday was "the day" to plant. More specifically, Saturday was the day to plant things that grow above ground - tomato, peppers, etc. and Sunday was the day to plant things that grow below ground - potato, onion, etc. And she warned me to not wait until Monday because it was a bad day to plant. Who knew that there were so many rules to planting a garden?! I sure didn't.

I have never had a garden of my own, but everyone else in my family does. I thought it was about time to join in and try a garden this year too. And plant on Saturday, not Monday.

Here are the garden goodies:

Hopefully, I will be growing tomatoes, cucumber, yellow squash, eggplant, bell peppers, broccoli, and cilantro - all above ground growers so perfect for Saturday planting. And yes, everything is planted in containers. I don't have a plow or tiller and am way too lazy to till the ground by hand.

After a few minutes of playing in the dirt, my container garden was setup in the sun on the patio.

Planting in containers is actually a good thing because the patio needed to be cleaned desperately. We had a large dog house in the corner, which is in the shade. And the two chairs and table were in the sun. Have you ever tried to sit outside in the spring or summer in Arkansas in the sun? You can't do it because it gets hot! So the dog house was cleaned and put up in the attic - our two small dogs stay inside so they don't need a dog house.

Now our table and chairs are in the shady corner, and the dogs lay below the chairs when we are outside. It has been nice to sit out there and enjoy the day...in the shade.

And everyone keep your green fingers crossed that my garden grows. This first timer needs all the help and support I can get when it comes to gardening.


Anonymous said...

I bet it will grow! And I've never seen pics of the backyard or patio...I like the bistro set.

Sara said...

I love finding blogs of ppl from Arkansas :) I currently live in FL and get a little homesick everynow and again. And yes you are so right about the heat it is t.t.terrible, even worse than florida ever could be.

You have inspired me (along with the ever rising price of food) to start my own garden! I can't wait. making my list and checking it twice. hmm but can I still plant next saturday? Seems your grams said I missed the plant day?

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