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Updating the Cafeteria

I recently had the pleasure of updating the cafeteria at work. The old thing was in major need of updating. It is in the basement of a 1966 building - so a dark, dingy, used-to-be fallout shelter. Yes, it's a little scary at times. The only downfall to this project was that the tables and chairs had to stay. And we couldn't rearrange anything...so basically this was a minor update, but much needed.

The previous colors in the cafeteria were teal, olive and smoke-stained white - back in 1966 when it was built, it was legal to smoke in the building.

Nice, huh? Anyways, the new paint colors are Sherwin Williams Latte and Fired Brick. The plan is to have the red along the back wall and the Latte on all the other walls. I wanted to be able to see the warm, inviting red while walking down the hall to the cafeteria.

And with the magic of a great crew to paint the walls, I am able to show the after pictures.

Priming the walls:
That same corner with paint:

The kitchen area before:
Kitchen area now:

It is almost complete. The artwork is ordered and I am awaiting the arrival of it. Once it gets here, I will show some more of the after pictures.


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