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New Bedding & Tornado "Fun"

I am struggling to keep up with my life. I know, everyone feels that way. But when bad weather happens, I go into overdrive for work. And with almost a week worth of severe weather and tornadoes, I have been working 14+ hour days (and then more when I get home). So, I don't have any house progress reports or neat projects to share with you right now. But, I'm not just popping in for nothing. I do want to show off the new bedding I got for the master. I've been eyeing it for months and finally splurged since it was on sale.



Obviously I still have a lot to do. The old bedding picture needed a lot of TLC and I think the yellow warms up the dim lit room. I like the bedding, so it will stay.

That's all I've got folks. Besides for this shot I snapped with my iPhone of me in the tub having some tornado fun:
Yep, the dogs are in there with me. And that other iPhone is my work phone. It never stops buzzing when there is an emergency. This has been my life this week. Taking cover in the tub and then heading out into the weather to assess storm damage and assist with the recovery.

I will post some of my "I-started-on-it-and-now-don't-have-the-time-to-finish" projects tomorrow to emphasize how much of a bad blogger I've been lately.


Christine said...

OMG, don't you have a basement? That would scare the living crap out of me.....I'll just keep my earthquakes, thank you very much ;-)

Remodel This House said...

Nope, no basement. Basements are actually rare in Arkansas. I can only think of one person that has one.

healthybeth said...

LOVE the new bedding! Oh, and that lime green lamp... I'd be happy to give it a home when you're done with it. :)

Remodel This House said...

Beth - it will have a zebra shade when I get around to it. And you know why I'm redoing it... *wink,wink*

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