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I Need More Color

Hot off the heels of successfully adding color to the house via the pantry, I was ready to paint something else. It is an addiction, just like spray paint. I get to painting and don't want to stop. So, this time I painted the back of the built-ins the same blue color from the pantry - a girl's gotta get the most out of a $5 can of miss matched paint. These built-ins are located in the sun room. And the back of them is only visible when you are in the sun room, so it isn't like there is a large blue spot painted on the wall. Behold the boring-in-need-of-some-organizing built-ins:
And of course I painted these built-ins when the hubby wasn't home. You know I do all the sneaky-he-might-not-like-this kind of projects when I am home alone. So, armed with my miss matched paint, a brush, and some painter's tape, I was ready to get some more color into the house.

I don't know what got into me, but I taped off the built-ins. I never use tape and just cut in when I paint. But I thought it might be easier to use the tape. Guess what, it is not!

Sure it was easy to paint with the tape, but when the tape was removed, the lines were wavy and blotchy.

I want crisp lines. So I had to cut in with the brush anyways. Now I know why I never use tape.

Anyways, enough about that. On to the finished picture:

 Much better. The color is much more fun and works really well for a sun room. I also did a little shelf rearranging and organizing. I used a tray to corral the liquor bottles and make a mini bar area.

The best part...this makeover was free! And I still have plenty of paint left over for another project! What should I paint next?


Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

That looks amazing! What a difference! I love all of the vases on the left.

Katie said...

the color makes a huge difference...love it!

Diane @ At Home in Arkansas said...

What a terrific makeover! Love seeing your projects, great job.

Kattie said...

Just started following your blog, I posted you up in my links page.

I think the blue definitely looks better, it makes everything much more layered.

Ann said...

This looks great. Love the "he-might-not-like-this"...I do the same thing! Lol!

Mallory said...

Love this! Great pop of color! Nice job!!

Anna said...

That looks amazing, I love the color you chose! Great job! I have a new link party starting on Monday and this would be perfect to link up. There's more info at the bottom of this link: http://www.askannamoseley.com/2011/04/weekend-warrior-backyard-transformation.html

Thanks! Anna :)

crossmyheart said...

This looks great! I am your newest follower from Transformation Thursday. I painted my entire kitchen a similar color. I love it by the white though! Please come visit me at crossmyheartartdesigns.com. :)

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