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Party in the Pantry

I am so happy to say that my house no longer suffers from two-color-only-walls! I have wanted to slap some fun color on the walls since we moved in and I finally found the perfect place - the pantry. And I could go wild in the pantry since it is behind a closed door. Oh, the possibilities. Why hadn't I thought of this earlier?

So with my mind in color-induced happiness, I headed off to the hardward store to pick the perfect color. I thought I wanted an orangy color, until I found a smoky-gray-blue in the miss-match paint section. Priced at $5 a gallon, I was sold.

Once the pantry was cleaned out, I noticed that it was painted two different shades. And these are not two pretty shades of paint. No, the paint is dingy and boring. Witness the ugly bare pantry:

And I know everyone loves a messy house picture, so here is what my kitchen cart looked like with all the pantry goods:

I didn't do anything fancy while painting. I just cut in the edges with my trusted short handle brush and then rolled what was left. I only painted the walls, not the shelves or trim. It was really quick going and took about one hour to paint it all and put down the shelf paper. Speaking of shelf paper, I also used what was left from the K-cup project to cover the shelves.

Doesn't it look so much better already? I'll assume the silence I hear is a "yes". I love how much change a quick coat of paint makes. And $5 miss-matched paint is all the better. So here is the pantry loaded back up with all the food:

Love it! Oh - the floor in the pantry used to be linoleum. We ripped out the old linoleum and replaced with hardwood to match the kitchen. And the pictures make the paint look more blue-green than in person. I really need to learn how to use my camera. One more note, my hubby loves the paint! I think that might be a green light to paint a few other walls around the house. Maybe not entire rooms, but I have some plans floating around in my head.

Have you recently painted or organized your pantry? Do you have a one-color house?


Mrs. G said...

Love the pantry color! Also love the hardwood flooring in there to match the kitchen.

Our house was a victim of builder's beige, but previous owners took it upon themselves to do hideous paint treatments in the bathrooms. So, little by little, we're phasing out the beige and adding our own preferences of color here and there.

Marlie @ Crafting, Cooking, and Cats said...

Love the color and the shelf liners! I hate that I rent. Someday, when I own my house, I'm going to paint every available surface. :) Also, I usually read your blog with google reader so I haven't seen your layout, and it is SUPER cute! I've been missing out! lol~

Anonymous said...


Tina said...

Love it... I thought it was tile at first and then began reading... Looks fab...

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