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Limb-Rod, Not A Nimrod

Things aren't always what they seem. It might look okay, but it is probably held together with gorilla glue, or has tin foil as a crack filler (insert junior high giggle here), or taped together. I just spilled all of my DIY/remodel secrets. And the curtain rod in the guest bedroom is no exception. From afar, it looks like any normal curtain rod. However, upon a close-up inspection, you'll notice that painters' tape holds the finials onto the rod. That is because the rod ends broke when we moved into the house and I was too cheap to buy a new curtain rod when I could "fix" this one. Now that is cheap folks. Also, the curtains are tab-top which didn't work with the existing curtain rod height.

Well, with a new built-by-me desk, new built-by-me headboard, and new bedding, I thought it was over-due time for a new curtain rod. But I could not find a rod I liked despite shopping both online and in store. They were all plain and a little boring while I wanted something more fun. So after measuring the window by arm-length, it is a proven scientific method, I took to the front yard to make my own curtain rod. Yeppers, I sawed off a small limb from the oak tree.  My neighbors probably think I am crazy - a girl in high heels, sawing off a limb with a mitre box saw. Little do they know that my crazy antics are actually thrifty DIY projects.

A few minutes later (it was slow going with the mitre saw) I had a perfect branchy limb. And after removing the small branches and sawing off a few gnarly knobs, the limb really looked like a curtain rod. Two coats of white spray paint later and I had a free curtain limb-rod! I used the existing curtain rod hangers to hold up the limb. I propped the limb up on top of the hangers and then used some white twine to tie the limb in place.

As for the curtains, they needed a makeover as well. I picked up the chocolate tab-top curtains for $2. However, the tab-top didn't work previously and won't work with the limb. The best thrifty fix I could think of was to use ribbon to tie the curtains to the rod. So I cut off the tabs and then hot glued pieces of ribbon onto the curtain. I can now hang the curtain level even though the limb-rod is not straight. Go me.

Ready for a picture of the new limb-rod in action? Wait no longer, here it is:

Total window makeover project costs - $3.
Limb                   $0
Spray paint         $0, already owned
Curtains              $2
Ribbon                $1, 50% off at hobby lobby

Three dollars! Cheapest window treatments yet. Even cheaper than the sheet-curtains in the man cave. I was inspired to make the limb-rod because of the pattern in the new bedding. It has a branch theme so this limb-rod is perfect. I think I really brought the outdoors in with this project.


Anonymous said...

That is sooo cute! What a great idea. I'm thinking that I will need to do this in my office. Thanks for an easy tutorial.

mmc67 said...

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Russo said...

I am following you from weds blog hop and this is a darling blog. I LOVE LOVE the curtain rod, so freaking cute. I am happy to follow this blog.

Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com

Sarah said...

So creative, I love it!

Songbirdtiff said...

Love it! It doesn't get much better than free, unique art.

abeachcottage said...

This is so creative. You did a great job with it. Thanks for sharing.

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