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I'm Going To Be A Sewing-Machine

I guess my family became tired of me talking about no-sew because I was gifted with two sewing machines for Christmas. Yes, two. I obviously was supposed to get a sewing machine. Well, I have been so busy that I have not had the time to even open the box, let alone learn how to sew.

That all changed this past weekend. My lovely mom put aside all her plans for the weekend and gave me some lessons. I "learned" to sew when I was younger and made a few skirts and a pillow. But that was years ago and I thought I had forgotten how to sew. I guess sewing is like riding a bike because I was able to remember a few things as we went along and didn't do too bad.

I picked out an easy Vogue pattern to start on. And I thought I was doing great...until I got to the collar. I knew that the stitch wasn't the best and I told mom not to look. But of course she looked and went and got the seam ripper. Having to rip out the seam frustrated me so I put the dress away.

I decided that I needed to re-start on a very easy pattern. I finished the very easy dress with no hiccups or seam ripping. And I actually wore it to work this week. Got a ton of compliments too.

What does this mean towards remodeling? Nothing really important. Just now I will use the sewing machine to sew pillow covers and curtains instead of no-sew. I might even make a slip cover with the sewing machine. The possibilities are endless. But first I have to finish the easy dress I put away.


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Great belt too.

Frenchy said...

AHHHH Are you kidding me ! This is gorgeous !!!
Wow I really want to sew right now...
My tulips are just picking through...We have a lot of snow in Utah....I want spring !!!
Come say hi and follow back :)

Anonymous said...

Two sewing machines?! We have a really old antique one that is just ornamental but I can't even sew a button on, I'm useless with a needle and cotton!!

Found you on Welcome Wednesday.
CJ xx

the cape on the corner said...

great fabric for that dress! great job-you'll become a sewing expert in no time!

Frazzled Mama said...

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Andie said...

New follower from welcome wednesday

Emily said...

Awesome! I've heard that sewing is like riding a bike...maybe I'll dust off the old machine and see how I do?!

I'm following you from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, Just found your blog via Remodelaholic and have spent the past few hours glue to it!
Question about the fab dress...which Vogue pattern was this?
Thanks :) Rachael

Remodel This House said...

Vogue Pattern - V8552
It is "very easy", so the pattern says. I didn't make the pockets.

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