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Hello everyone! Long time no talk. I took a weekend off from blogging and work and spent it at my parents' house. You might be thinking that I didn't do anything or have anything to report on. Wrong! My parents (yes, both mom and dad) and I crafted and sewed and thrift store shopped and painted the weekend away. I have at least a week worth of projects up my sleeve. First up, is this director chair overhaul.

$2 at a garage sale, consider it sold. And since I plan to use some on sale fabric and spray paint, this will be a thrifty chair makeover. First I took it apart and painted the frame a pale yellow. Sorry for the bad photo. Bright sun and my iPhone don't get along well.

Then I used the existing canvas pieces as a pattern for a new back and seat. I bought some duck fabric on sale for about $4. It is a really cute pattern and perfect for this chair. So after a trial and error sewing session, I had the new back and seat made. I put the chair back together and was tickled with how funky it looks. I love it!

Much better than the faded black canvas and bare wood before.

Project cost breakdown:
Chair              $2
Fabric             $4
Spray Paint     $2
Total               $8

I love a cheap makeover. And this is just one of many completed this past weekend. I have many more thrifty projects to share in the next few days.

Have you scored any great garage sale finds lately? Have you made over a director chair too?


Anonymous said...

Much better! You are great at redoing stuff! I love this and the lamp makeover!

Mel said...

BIG difference! It looks funky and brand new.

Kristy Carberry said...

It's much more interesting now! Good job.

The Rusty Bucket said...

I seriously find these chairs all the time at garage sales and the fabric is the only thing that ever needs to be replaced. If they only knew! But, thank God they don’t!

Tami@still crazy after all these years said...

Wow! That fabric is amazing- it totally makes the brain stand up and be creative. Thank you for showing us!

Pam said...

To cute. I love the fabric you used.

Marilyn Clark said...

This is a gorgeous transformation! I just found a director's chair frame at Goodwill and I am looking to re-do it. I have a question, though. The base of your chair, there is the "hing-y thing" that locks the chair in place when it is opened. Did you take that off when you painted your chair or jut paint over it? I have the exact same frame as you and I can see how to take the arms off...just not the base hardware.

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