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I'm Dreaming of a...

... colorful house. If you have looked at the pictures of the house, then you might have noticed one thing - most of the rooms are the same color. Why? Because we haven't changed the color of a single room in the house. This is not by my choosing. I LOVE color and would have multiple colors of paint in my house. I grew up in a house with a different color in every room. It is fun and a cheap/easy way to express your personality and change a room.

But alas, changing paint colors is the one thing the hubby said no about.

Before we moved in, the house was repainted to its current color scheme - the whopping two colors, plus a trim color. I am thankful for this pre-us repainting because it used to have floral wallpaper, school bus yellow bathrooms, and a navy blue kitchen. There are tell-tale signs of it everywhere, none of which are visible to you. These signs are found when moving kitchen cabinets over 3", or behind a bathroom mirror or toilet that is no more, or removing mini-blind brackets.
See the navy blue the kitchen used to be? It is where we removed the back splash.
And the old teal/aqua color of the dining room was discovered when we removed the chair rail.
Where am I going with this? I miss color. I need color. If I had my choice, I would go to town painting the house. But since that won't happen, I find myself dreaming of color. Here are some of my favorite paint swatches at the moment:

This swatch is so calming and serene, even the names make me smile. I could see these colors in multiple spaces around my house. And although the Man Cave isn't painted, one of the primary accent colors is a blue-ish gray like Polar Ice. Also, pair these colors with some dark wood and comfy towels and your bathroom becomes and instant spa.

Hello...margaritas and snow cones, sold! However, I would never paint any walls in my house Margarita or Snow Cone Green. They are a little too out there even for me. But Fresh Cut Grass is calling my name. It is the perfect tint of green without being margarita-ish. And Apple Green, you are the cutest color for a little girl's room - trust me on this one, my niece's room is this color and it is amazingly great!

This one might surprise you a little. Although I like all the colors on this swatch, it is the darkest Vintage Vogue that really caught my eye. Wouldn't this color be great for an office, or a moody bedroom with pops of white accents?!

And one more. Gotta get the girly colors in here too. Once again, it it the darkest El Cajon Clay that had me at hello. I have always loved a dark eggplant color and this one suits me just fine. This would look great in my sun room with all the natural light and white trim.

Well, I won't be painting any time soon. My darling scrooge husband likes the mono-tone, every room the same color so it flows look. All I can think of is - boring! I do understand that this is not our forever-home and we need to keep resell in mind, but I want to throw caution to the wind and have some fun and put some color on the walls. Might just have to do this one weekend while he is out hunting. I am infamous around here for starting projects while he isn't home. And before I forget, all the colors are from Benjamin Moore.

So are you stuck with the same paint colors throught the house like me? Do you dream of a colorful house? Or have you taken the plunge and painted without the blessing of your significant other?


~The Bargain Babe said...

I used to be stuck with the same colors but have recently painted a little bit. I'm wanting to do a room in yellow....but ooh it scares me.

Fiona said...

I like the blues, but that apple green sure is cute!

Valerie Casady said...

I agree with Fiona. Apple Green seems like a delectable color. It’s sweet and tender to the eyes. :)

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