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Master-ly Texture-ly Art

We've got snow!! And lots of it too. I took full-advantage of the snowy roads and tackled some DIY projects around the house. Go me! However, snow and cold temps equal no spray painting so the projects aren't 100% finished. I will just have to wait for a heat wave. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me back-up and show you what I did first.

The master bedroom has zero artwork in it. None, zilch, nada. And the reason for this is that the bedding is temporary. I don't want to make some art just to have it clash with any potential future bedding. But the walls look mighty bare and sad without anything on them. Here is the dresser wall:
Yep, bare and sad - which really aren't my two favorite words. I had to spice up the wall with some texture since color is a no-go without new bedding. For the past month, I have been collecting round textural things for this art project. And I slowly amassed a good collection:
One wicker charger, one large clock, two ceiling medallions, a round wood picture frame, and the big-bertha wicker basket. I randomly placed the round things on the wall, hoping for an eye-pleasing asymmetrical layout. There was no rhyme or reason for the pattern. I just hoped for the best and went with my gut and nailed away.
And after a few minutes of trial and error, I settled on a layout.
When the weather warms up a little, I will take the round things off the wall and give them a coat of gloss-white spray paint. And remove the clearance sticker from the wicker charger. Or maybe I will have new bedding by then and I'll paint the round things some funky fun color. 

So how much did this quick texture-adding project cost me? Only $25! I luckily found the two ceiling medallions (brand new in the package) at the Restore which saved a lot of money. The picture frame and wicker charger were both $1. The splurge was the large clock for $12 at Big Lots.

Have you added any cheap texture-ly art to your casa? What DIY projects do you tackle when snowed in? Or do you prefer to snuggle on the couch and drink hot cocoa?


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