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RTH Answers - Tool School

"I can't do that because I don't know a thing about tools" or "Tools scare me." I hear these phrases all the time. Tools should not keep you from doing a project...they are supposed to make the project easier to complete. So why are they scary or can stop a project before it even starts?

Recently, a friend asked me to school her on tools. Her goal was to get the basic tool knowledge from a straight-talker (me) so she could start on her project list. And after a few quick talks and pointers, she was able to tackle a project DIY-style. She affectionately called it "Tool School" and said that it gave her the confidence she needed.

And that's my goal - I want to inspire people and instill confidence to try a project DIY style. And if tools are what is holding you back, I am going to school you so you can complete that project and not bat an eyelash at the tools involved. That is why I am super excited to announce the Remodel This House Tool School!

Each school class will focus on a specific tool. I will describe the tool and its parts, show you how it works, and tell about the tool in not-too-technical terms. The first class is Monday morning. Hope you can make it!


Veronica said...

Sounds like fun, I'll be there!

Dixiejet said...

Sounds wonderful ! Is it a live feed or are you just going to blog it ?

Remodel This House said...

Blog with video and pics. Live feed sounds like fun...but my "real job" would get in the way. ;) I will be able to answer any questions though.


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