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The Thrift Gift

We might not have a lot of decorating stores in Arkansas, but we do have a ton of thrift stores and flea markets...which is a major plus especially for a cheapo like me. I have already talked about my love of thrift store trolling and I want to pass this love of thrifting onto everyone. However, when I suggest checking the thrift store for the lamp or item they're looking for, I am returned with either blank stares or a grimace. Why is that? I'm told that thrift stores only have left overs. Excuse me...you just plain don't know how to shop at a thrift store. Well lucky you, I'm going to tell how I shop thrift stores so maybe it will be easier for you to find a treasure.

Break it down - At first glance, a thrift store might seem a little overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Take the store aisle-by-aisle and then row-by-row. You want to look at everything. Most of the good items won't be on eye-level at the front of the shelf shining in a take-me-home glow...they will be hidden away in the back or on the bottom shelf. Like this amazing red vase, only $2:

Think outside the box - You see bar stools, I see a desk. You see a filing cabinet, I see a Kcup drawer holder. You see kitchen cabinet doors, I see a panel headboard. The key is to repurpose and reuse.

Spray paint - The most ugly, worn-out, pitiful piece of furniture can instantly be transformed into a show stopper with a coat of spray paint. Just make sure that it has "good bones" first, and then the cosmetic stuff can easily be fixed.

Game Plan - Get to know your local thrift stores because they are not all alike. One might have a great selection of books and glassware and another have better baskets and trinkets. Make a game plan and visit multiple thrift stores to find the best treasures.

So, how do you thrift? What are your pointers? Have you found any great bargains? Or repurposed an item into something that suits you?


mrsking14 said...

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My husband and I bought our first home in October and have slowly been updating things around here. I haven't taken on any projects like yours yet but I think I may start thrift shopping and being creative! Thanks for the ideas :)

Nancy said...

Visiting from the blog hop. I'm so glad I found your blog.
Enjoy your weekend.

mrsking14 said...

Hi! I am a current follower of yours and wanted to give you a heads up that I have changed my blog URL. Apparently if you don’t follow me at the new URL, you won’t be a follower at all. My new web address is http://thasuburbanhousewife.blogspot.com
Hope you can come follow me
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Robyn's Nest said...

I have recently rekindled my love of thrifting. I did a TON of it in my early 30's. Then it was mostly out of necessity. I had the same eye you do. I could see beyond the mustard yellow of a picture frame and notice the lovely carved detail that would be brought back to life when painted white.

Now (nearly 15 years later) we're financially comfortable so thrifting isn't a necessity like it was way back then but I've still been missing that creative outlet. So this past week, I ventured back out into thrifting for the first time in many years and discovered that my old eye for seeing the treasure through the trash is coming back. And I have many bloggers like you to thank for the inspiration.

~ Robyn

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