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Rescue Ugly Bench

While driving to pick up my new couch, I see it - an u.g.l.y bench - sitting in the front yard of the Junk Queen's shop. The world stands still and I hear it calling my name.

It has glue and screws holding it together and it's missing chunks of wood. But it has so much potential! Poor thing is in sad shape and in major need of some love. I must rescue it! How much did this rescue ugly bench cost me - $10....SCORE!

When I get it home, so proud of myself for finding this $10 treasure, my hubby calls it ugly...and sadly, I couldn't disagree. I sit the bench in the corner of the living room for two weeks while I plot my plan of attack and order the fabric for the seat cushion. Yes, order fabric. It is the same fabric as the chair in my living room.

Finally I decide to tackle the u.g.l.y bench, and sanding the chipped, old paint is up first. I start with 100 grit sandpaper...this is too slow. I need power tools. Enter orbital sander.

I made sure to have my safety gear - although I couldn't find a dust mask so I made one from shop paper towels.

After sanding away the old paint, next up is filling in the cracks with wood putty. Let the putty dry for a day and then lightly sand over it to smooth it out.

Then I drag the bench to the backyard for some one-on-one rattle can action. Since the furniture in the living room is dark, I decide on espresso brown spray paint. Three coats (2 cans) later and we get this.

I didn't paint where the cushion goes...and ignore the dog eating dinner.

Looking better! A new pillow seat cushion and this will be done...this should be a snap given my recent pillow success. 20 minutes later and I've made a pillow for the seat...go me!

Finished and in its rightful place,the used-to-be-empty corner of my living room. And the u.g.l.y bench is no more!
Like the art above the bench? I'll post about how I made that.


Holly said...

You have the greatest gift of all. The gift to see the beauty in everything! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a find!

Anonymous said...

I love your style.

Bethany said...

Thanks y'all!

Anonymous said...

Great Job! I love your blog! Cute.Cute. Cute!!!

MMB Creations said...

Beautiful bench. A little paint and a lot of elbow grease and you have it.

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