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Pillow Fight

This weekend, while the hubby was at deer camp, I tackled a project that I have been wanting to do for a while - pillow making, sans sewing machine. And not only pillow making sans sewing machine, I want piping and tassels. Gulp... I am not a seamstress. I did not inherit this DIY trait from the long line of sewers (not the pipe underground) in my family. But I'm not letting a little thing like that stop me from making a pillow seat for my desk chair.

After a trip to Hobby Lobby to gather the needed supplies, I was ready to give it a go.

First step, cut the fabric to the needed size by using the foam as a guide. Easy.

Next up, turn the good sides of the fabric towards each other and iron the wrinkles out. Easy.

Now I am ready to "sew" the seams. Enter steam-a-seam...a no-sewer's best friend. This is my first time using it, so after a quick check of the directions, I cut a strip and place it on the fabric where I want the seam. Add the piping (double checking to make sure it is on the right way) and press the iron onto it, 10 seconds and counting down. Yes, it sticks!

Repeat steam-a-seam with the other piece of fabric. Voila...a seam! (I'm jumping for sewing joy now!) Easy.

Onto the tassels, aka the seat ties. In order to get both sets the same length, I measured and then placed a piece of tape around them to mark where to place the steam-a-seam. (Don't worry, the tape will be hidden inside the pillow.) Steam-a-seam the piping, place the tassels and steam-a-seam the other piece of fabric. Iron for 10 seconds and holy smokes....I've got tassels! (Now I am really jumping up and down!) Easy.

Finish the other two sides with steam-a-seam, making sure to leave a stuffing hole. Turn pillow right side out and take a breather admire your handy work. Stuff the foam insert into the hole.

To finish the job, pinch the two pieces of fabric at the stuffing hole together and pin. (I only had safety pins.) Add steam-a-seam and iron for 10 seconds. TaDa....enter my first pillow (to a flourish of trumpet sounds)!!


colleen said...

wow got to get me some steam a seam

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Great idea-thanks for sharing. I've got to try this.

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