We are a young couple remodeling our first house...one outdated / ugly thing at a time. This blog documents our remodel projects and ideas.


Sneak a Peak

My parents' house is a.maz.ing! It is a Victorian that oozes charm and character. And to top it off, the house was condemned and scheduled to be torn down when my mom drove by and fell in love with it - a DIY dream project (yes, they did/do all the remodeling/building themselves!). I couldn't even begin to tell you everything they have done over the years to the house.

Fast forward to present and here is the lovely house now, with large hardwood trees.

Check out the gingerbread, which my dad made, and the paint colors....my mom paints that house!

The den, with a wood burning stove, TV cabinet built from reclaimed barn wood, and Country Living magazines on the ceiling.

The downstairs bathroom, complete with a unique sink stand and a shower (not pictured) made from a washing tub.

The kitchen is my favorite room in their house. The tin ceiling was saved from a downtown building being torn down and the kitchen cabinets and brick arch over the stove was (you guessed it) built by the parentals.

This is just a small, small sampling of their gorgeous house! Why did I share a peek inside the parentals' casa? Because they taught me everything I know about DIYing!!

I do apologize for the picture quality - I did not have a camera and used my iPhone.


Anonymous said...

The photos make it look awesome. At times I worried about raising you in an ongoing remodel but, by golly, along with dust you developed a love for things old!

Dixiejet said...

It's beautiful ! I would LOVE to live in an ongoing remodel as long as it was ongoing to something like that!! LOL !

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