We are a young couple remodeling our first house...one outdated / ugly thing at a time. This blog documents our remodel projects and ideas.


Numero Uno

Yup, I finally started a blog. It will probably be more for me, documenting my home remodeling projects and ideas...but if I can inspire the masses too, then I'm going to break my arm patting myself on the back. Why even start a blog then, you ask. I always get "wow" and "ooooh aaaah" from family and friends, but they are almost required to like it. However, when a neighbor told me that I amazed her with all my projects that unfold in the driveway and should blog about them...hmm, why not try it.

My grand house

On that note, let me introduce myself. I'm a married 26 year old from a small town in Arkansas remodeling my first house, one outdated / ugly thing at a time. Hold up - Arkansas??? Where is that?

We are known for Wal-Mart, diamonds and Bill Clinton...and a few other things. None of those things make me think of home remodeling. We don't have IKEA, West Elm, Z Gallerie, Restoration Hardware, etc. We finally got Pottery Barn earlier this year in the capitol city.

With all of that against me, I am determined to have a blog-worthy house and I pledge to try a project myself before hiring it done. I am a stand-aside-and-let-me-try, I-can-do-that kinda girl. I come from a family of remodelers and repurposers (I think I made that word up). Anyways, this is me and welcome to Remodel This House.


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