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Mani / Pedi

Painted nails on a DIY girl? Yep, at least for now. I splurged and got shellac on my nails since it is supposed to last 21 days. I love short painted nails, but I can never have them. Nail polish lasts about 1 day because I don't stop my projects.

However, in the last 4 days since getting shellac-ed, I have cut wood for a building project, painted two pieces of furniture, and started tearing apart an old stereo cabinet for an upcycle - all with perfectly painted finger nails.

I am sold. This is like magic in a bottle. And I feel oh-so-pretty with my painted nails and toes. My mom, sister in law, niece and I had a girls date this past weekend and got pedicures. Super fun.

Here's hoping that my finger nail polish lasts longer than the toe polish. And also hoping that I finally get some time to catch up on blog posts.


Sarah said...

Cute color! I'm curious about how well is stays on. Keep us posted.

Jamie said...

I normally can't keep polish on my nails more than a day! When I got shellac, it lasted for nearly 3 weeks!

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