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Braided T-shirt Scarf

Round three of t-shirt remodeling - braided scarf. Another easy, all season scarf tutorial. The instructions are similar to the circle-scarf, except the circles in this scarf are cut and then braided. And, I finally graduated to a cutting mat and rotary cutter. Go me!

Step 1 - Lay the shirt out flat and cut the bottom hem off. Then cut straight across the shirt right under the arm pits.

Step 2 - Cut the shirt into 1 inch strips

Step 3 - Stretch the strips. Leave one strip to the side and don't stretch it.

Step 4 - Then cut the strips so the circles are broken.

Step 5 -  Leave about 6 inches of fringe and then begin braiding. I used a clear pony-tail holder to secure all the strips together. And then I put the strips under the edge of a table to hold in place while I braided.

Step 6 - Braid the strips. Leave about 6 inches of fringe at the end.

Step 7 - Secure the two ends together with the extra strip from step 3.

Step 8 - Wear it! - No pics. I had been working outside with no makeup and I'm not about to take a pic to put on the internet looking like that! But maybe I'll take a few pics tonight and update.

And - I almost lost a finger to the rotary cutter. That thing is sharp! My finger was nothing to it. So....maybe I haven't graduated yet.


Jessica said...

I Love, Love, Love your blog..I just found it about a week ago, and have already made me some lovely canvas wall art for my spare bedroom!!! Keep inspiring!

Remodel This House said...

Awww, thanks Jessica! You just made my day, and my week. :)

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