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Spray Painters Anonymous

Yes, I am addicted to spray painting. If there was a Spray Painters Anonymous, I would be a proud card-carrying member.
It might actually be a problem, this addiction of mine. When I go into a thrift store, I get a little giddy with the prospect of finding an ugly treasure in need of some spray paint love, like the bench I redid.  When I get bored, I look around for something I can spray paint for a quick update. I am also quick to suggest spray paint as "the fix". And I watch the weather to see if it will be prime spray painting conditions. Maybe it is just the DIYer in me, but I don't think "normal people" get excited about spray paint...yes, this addiction is indeed a problem.

But, as you probably know, spray paint can do wonders. It is the best remodeling/reinventing/redoing tool ever and I have an entire arsenal of spray paint colors ready on a whim.

I spray painted these cheap little friends picked up from thrift stores:
Do I have before pictures of them? No, I got too excited and just started spray painting - it's called an addiction people. I can tell you that the owl was tan, the flower was pink, the armadillo was brass, the elephant was silver, the peacock was gold, and Paris, although not from a thrift store, is just too cute not to have in the picture. None of these looked bad before I spray painted them, but they look amazingly good now.

My hubby semi-shares this love of spray paint. He whipped the old bike frame in his Man Cave into shape with a few coats of spray paint. And the asymmetrical wall arrangement above the sofa bed or the DIY graphic art couldn't have been completed without spray paint.
Is this spray paint addiction of mine sad? Well, I am finally taking the first step to recovery and admitting to the entire world that I have a problem. However, I have no plans to stop anytime soon - I think my spray painting finger would have withdrawals. With that said, I have some spray painting projects up my sleeve and grand plans, which of course I will share.

Anyone else want to be a card-carrying member of Spray Painters Anonymous? Is spray paint your go-to DIY tool? Do you too share in this addiction?


Sweet T Makes Three said...

So maybe you should graffiti a train car to get it out of your system. LOL. Looking forward to reading about your home remolding adventures!
New follower from Picket Fence.

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Liz said...

Um, yes me too. *hangs head*

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Funny.

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