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Memory Foam - I Heart Thee

I cannot thank my dear mother enough for my memory foam mattress. It was a great day when she told me that she did not like her brand new mattress and asked if I wanted it. Are you freaking kidding me? Of course I want it! It's like sleeping on a slightly-firm cloud. Sorry, I digressed.

This post actually serves two purposes. One - I can brag tell about my new memory foam mattress and two - we now have two mattress sets. This is perfect since we were in the market for a mattress for the previously empty guest bedroom. Now we could move our mattress set into the guest bedroom and have the memory foam all to ourselves. Yeeessss! So, this is what the guest bedroom looks like with a bed in it:
We are making progress. Although the room is lacking in color, we at least have a bed in there now. And see those gold knobs on the closet doors? Those are the next thing to go. The desk I built out of bar stools is in there too, just not visible in this picture.

Also - Remodel This House is a featured blog on Picket Fence this week!


Anonymous said...

I love my memory foam mattress too. Jealous that you got yours free!

Anonymous said...

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