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RTH Answers - Small Bath Mood Board

I received an email with a question and I'm going to do my best to answer. Here is the email:

I recently found your blog and really love all the thrift projects you have done so far! I think you might be able to help me with my design dilemma. My small bathroom is in need of a remodel but I don't have the cash to replace everything. The floor is basket-weave tile, a pedestal sink (no storage), and a grungy tub/shower combo. I would love to get a new look in there and update it. What thrifty ideas would you suggest to get me started? Thanks, Kristi

First let me say that I am blushing. You want my opinion? Yay! Okay, now getting down to business. I threw together a mood board to help with the design and visually share my ideas for your bathroom. And, all of the products in the mood board can be purchased in store in Arkansas, so I bet you too will be able to wrangle the items up.
1 - In order to make the small bathroom light, airy, and spa-like, a simple color palette of storm gray accents and smoke blue walls will compliment the black and white basket weave tile. And the colors are featured on Benjamin Moore's 2011 color forecast so you know they'll be extra great.

2 - You mentioned the limited storage with a pedestal sink. My suggestion regarding adding storage is to go to the wall. You could either replace the mirror with a medicine cabinet, or add wall storage. You can find shelves and storage cabinets at thrift stores that can easily be spray painted and will add the extra storage you want when mounted to the wall.

3 - A simple white waffle weave shower curtain will help conceal the shower. And instead of the regular 72" shower curtain, try bumping up the rod to an 84" or a 95".  If you want to repair the tub/shower combo, you can either hire a professional to reglaze the tub, DIY the reglaze, or check the Habitat Restore for a new tub. The easiest fix is to hire a professional to reglaze the tub, which will cost about $300. I have never reglazed a tub, so I can't help you out on how hard or easy it is to do. But you can pick up a DIY kit for about $30 at a home improvement store.

4 - This sea blue coral will add some great texture without breaking the bank. I actually have this coral in my guest bathroom. I would suggest keeping the accessories to a minimum since space is limited. You wouldn't want the bath becoming too overcrowded that you couldn't comfortably use it.

5 - I love these gray towels from Target - I am a sucker for a cute pattern towel. And if the price is a little high for a full set, add some solid color towels into the mix to boost the amount of towels.

6 - A few small potted plants set on the top of the medicine cabinet will help anchor it in the bathroom. You can pick up used flower pots at thrift stores and spray paint them gloss white for a cheaper alternative to new.

7 - The blue and gray stipes in this rug pull the entire color palette together. The pattern is just enough to compliment the bathroom without being distracting.

If you have tile on the wall that you don't like, an easy fix is to add wainscoating or paint it. You can probably get the wood from a Habitat Restore and save some money. And, if the floor tile is still in good shape and nothing is broken, I would clean them up and show it off. The best way to clean tile is with a magic eraser. And you are in luck because you can get a magic eraser mop which will make the job much easier. Basket weave tile is amazingly gorgeous and a great feature. I think you should use the tile to your advantage and showcase it.

And yes, I am still blushing and have a mega perma-smile right now. I hope this thrifty mood board suits your fancy and it will help whip that small bathroom into shape.

Oh - and a Happy Birthday shout out to my wonderful hubby who is 28 today!


Kristi said...

Thank you so much! LOVE it!! I was stuck and didn't know what to do. I am going to keep the tile. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

This looks great, especially since it is thrifty and you worked with the tile. You should start doing these more often!

maruf hosen said...

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