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And I Said No, No, No

You have to sing the title like Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" and you can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head. Anyways, this post is about things that are not allowed in my house - hence the song reference. I am fairly open about the house decor and what is allowed; however, there are few no-go's and I am going to passionately tell you what is not okay, at least in my house.

#1 - Taxidermy Mounts - I call them dead animals.  Being from Arkansas, these ugly creations are just about everywhere, and I cringe every time I see one. So you got the best buck of all times and want to proudly display your trophy kill for all to see...I'm sorry, but I think animals are beautiful in the wild, not hanging in your living room above the fireplace. I am married to an avid hunter, but we do not have dead animals prominently displayed on the walls of the living room, or in the Man Cave. If you absolutely must have one of these dreadful "trophies", the only place it belongs is in the garage...which is sadly where my hubby hangs his dead animals.

#2 - Gold fixtures. This might have been the popular pick when my house was built, but not anymore. Everything was gold when we bought our house, even the switch plate covers. It was over the top and comparative to Mr. T. Not anymore. We successfully changed all the gold out to brushed nickel.

#3 - Faux Finish Walls. It is just a fancy word for fake. Although not in my house, I think some faux finishes look good when done correctly. However, this faux trend is going to far and there are way too many walls that would look better off un-fauxed. Just think before you faux. Take this ugly room for example:

#4 - Overstuffed Furniture. Is it really that much more comfortable with all the extra stuffing and fabric? Yes, I want a comfy couch too, but there is a happy medium between stiff-as-a-board and overstuffed. And over time, the overstuffed furniture turns into droopy and sad. This chair looks like you could get lost in there and never make it out:

There you have it - a few things I won't allow in my house. If you love and swear-by the above mentioned no-no's, I am happy for you and hope they treat you well. However, please don't try to bring dead animals or gold fixtures into my house as they are not welcome.

What are the no-go's for your house? Or are you a no-holds-bar, nothing-is-off-limits type of homeowner?
Faux finish pic


Anonymous said...

Add laminate floors to the list. I hate the clicky-noise they make when walked on, it sounds fake.

Lisa said...

HAHAHA! Too funny.

Lisa said...

I am so in line with your thinking!lol no dead things for me either! and the mobile home furniture craze of the 80's and 90's just leaves me thinking "where are the beer holders?" and laminate floors? they sound fake cuz they are and they look fake cuz they are! lol as far as faux walls? they are in line with the laminate flooring...faux=fake...and one more thing for me? gun racks and tools...this is so making me laugh!

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