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We got a little demo-happy while tearing out the built-ins - which is easy to do in the heat of the moment - and also took out the hearth, surround, and mantle of the fireplace. The fireplace and long-gone built-ins sit right next to each other and when you have a hammer in one hand and a pry bar in the other...things get taken out.
As you can see from the picture, demoing the fireplace was not a bad thing. It was due for an update, especially since we are tackling a complete house remodel. And we hated the ugly fireplace anyways, so it was the perfect excuse time to destroy an entire side of the living room. Oh happy day!

We took out some major home remodeling frustration on the demo of the fireplace, and it was so much fun! The hearth was kicked out the front door and the mantle was ripped off the wall. I mean business when it comes to demo. Here is the hubby removing the trim, a little more calmly than I demo:
And guess what, I don't have a picture of the final demo of the fireplace - I know, I'm a terrible blogger. Accept my apologies, but the demo went so fast, I hardly took time away from it to snap pictures. And the fireplace didn't stay naked long...I was excited to start tiling a new surround. 

Do you get demo-happy?


Lisa said...

I DO get demo happy. I always move on to another room and tear it apart before I have the previous one done. TERRIBLE habit.

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