We are a young couple remodeling our first house...one outdated / ugly thing at a time. This blog documents our remodel projects and ideas.


Chipmunk Cheeks

My wisdom teeth came out today. Ouch! Now I am suffering from chipmunk cheeks and slurred speech, and my hubby is quick to point it out. I'm glad I could eat over the holidays because the diet is very limited right now.

Anyways, I'm not in 100% remodel-mode right now, but I still wanted to show you one thing I got for Christmas:

You know you are a DIYer when you get excited about a present like this. This little puppy will be used, and used, and used some more. Until now, I have had to borrow my dad's compressor and nail gun...and they live 45 minutes from me. But not anymore! I've got my very own, grown-up girl air compressor!

I can't wait until I'm off this couch and working on the house again, with my new nail gun by my side.

Did you get any drool-worthy tools for Christmas? Any plans to tackle a project over the holidays? Maybe with the new tools you just received?


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