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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas! Just typing the word makes me smile. It is such a magical time of year.

I am running a little behind and just got my tree up. I always put my decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, this year I had the help of my five year old niece, so I waited an extra week for her. My tree is a little different this year than previous years. I usually decorate a fancy-like tree, keeping with a certain color and/or theme. Last year, the tree was lime green and copper.
This year I wanted more of a rustic look, not so froo-froo fancy. We kept the colors limited and went with red and gold-to-copper colors, but instead of using floral mesh, we used grapevines for texture. Grapevines? Yes, and they are much cheaper than the floral mesh.  I had planned on using grapevine garland...but it was $14! Yikes, that is way too expensive for me! Instead, I picked up 4 grapevine wreaths for $2 each, on sale. To make the wreaths like garland, snip the large outside vine and unwind the wreath. Easy.

I know you are ready for the pics of my tree, so here ya go. However, my disclaimer is that it is stinking hard to photograph a Christmas tree! 
I added burlap for the skirt.

And here is my mantle. I didn't do anything extravagant with it - 4 glitter trees, a Merry Christmas banner, floral mesh, and a Santa picture. I still need to add some grapevine to the mantle.

My centerpiece on the dining room table is a framed chalkboard with some glitter presents. Easy and simple.

And since my niece was in the Christmas decorating mood, I let her decorate a tree all by herself. She picked the ornaments and where to put them on the tree. I think it is the prettiest tree I've ever seen. We used a sheepskin rug as the tree skirt since it looks a little like snow...or a polar bear as my niece said.

Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet? And advice on photographing a Christmas tree? Have you used any non-traditional items in your Christmas decorating?


Beth Adams said...

Looking quite festive at your place. Love both versions of your tree! Your mantle looks great too.

radn said...

love the vines. Check out my christmas tree

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