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Finishing Touches - Man Cave

I am so close to finishing the Man Cave makeover. I can smell it, see the finish, taste victory...however you want to put it. I have posted some tutorials on the bigger projects I did, and they are all located on the projects page and easy-to-find. You're welcome.  

But today I want to do a potpourri post about some of the finishing touches in the room before the big reveal.

First up - curtain tie-backs. I made these cute little tie-backs with sheet remnants. Super easy, and they match the curtains, but still stand out with the gray background. These are held into place by command adhesive hooks on the side of the window. No drilling required.

Next is the storage boxes on the TV stand. I snagged these boxes for $5 a piece at Wal-Mart; however, they were cream color. Not a problem to fix with some spray paint. I used the same color to spray paint the boxes as I used for the artwork.

This bold print rug was only $15 at Fred's! I think it is amazing and it has all the perfect colors. The pattern is just punchy enough for some visual interest, but not overwhelming.

Finally, the floor pillows were made from sheets...of course! I bought a fitted sheet instead of flat for the curtain project, so I used the fitted sheet for pillows. I am getting to be a pro at no-sew pillows.

Tomorrow is the big Man Cave makeover reveal. I am excited! The room looks sooo good!


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