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And I Have Sold It...

Two items listed on craigslist...two items sold!

So long queen size bed in the guest room:

And I bought a full size mattress. Plans are to build a frame and have a daybed in the room for extra space. I already picked up the pallets to build the frame with. Yep, pallets! I'm really excited about this build and I think the pallets are going to be perfect.
I also sold the love seat in the master seating area that I griped about here:

And now there is space in the seating area! I can finally get it arranged and make it functional. I might actually use the area as my new blogging spot. Fancy that!

I was hesitant selling my things on craigslist. I have heard lots of bad gripes and warnings of scams. Well, I had absolutely no problems and would happily sell again using craigslist. It was so easy, and fast too! And, the person who bought the love seat was actually a past co-worker. It was nice to open the front door and see a familiar face!


Nancy Davis said...

Glad you got lucky selling in Craiglist, I’ve been scammed twice and its really not a good experience, traumatic.

By the way, love your window. Just like to share in case you are interested in the future about how to choose a most energy efficient windows, I list few tips to guide you and save money.

Thank you!

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