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Rain = DIY #1 Enemy

I snagged this old stereo cabinet at a garage sale for $3:

And I had grand plans to turn it into a bar or buffet table for the Habitat for Humanity Restore & After fundraiser/auction. A little paint, caulk and TLC would have the cabinet looking super funky for minimal dollars. So I set out on my stereo-cabinet-to-buffet-table adventure and gutted the cabinet.
Baby and Paris helped, of course
Then I added a new board to the inside of the cabinet to cover up the holes from the record player. Cut new doors from plywood and covered them in zebra-print fabric to add some extra jazz.

And finally, it was time to paint. I chose miss-matched teal for the outside and apple green for inside. The cabinet looks extra cute with new colors. But the cuteness was short lived. So short lived that I didn't even get a good picture of it. The cabinet was outside drying and airing out the poly fumes when it rained. No, not rain...poured down buckets of rain. The first time it has rained in a month, and I wasn't home to save the cabinet from the torrential downpour.

Now the cabinet is unsalvagable and definitely not in a condition to be used as a fundraiser piece. One side of it is peeled apart and hanging there by the new paint. This is very bitter-sweet because we needed the rain, but the cabinet is ruined.

I haven't thrown the cabinet away yet. I just can't bear to throw it away yet. It is sitting in my driveway, slowly wilting in the summer sun. I am so mad at myself for leaving the cabinet outside. I should have left it in the garage. And now I am back to square-one for a rehab project for the fundraiser. That just means I'll have to work on another fab rehab...what a bummer... (sarcasm)


Anne said...

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What a bummer! It was turning out really cute :)

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Sarah said...

Oh no! I love the colors you chose. And so sad that it was for a fundraiser.

Keep the projects coming, I LOVE your blog!

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