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RTH House Crashes - Literally

When my BFF got stuck in a rut on her house remodel, I lent my DIY helping hand to the remodel...at the cost of the projects being on the blog. We have all had it happen to us - start out strong on a remodel project and then get busy with life and the remodel takes a back burner (happens to me all the time). This was no different, but she was soooo close to finishing and I am thrilled to help out.

With girl power in full swing, we tackled her bathroom, more specifically the open linen closet. There used to be cabinets in the space by the shower, but she wanted something different instead of the closed up cabinets. An open closet was the perfect solution. She had already done the hard work - floating the wall and painting. I just came in at the last minute to help install shelves.

First we cut 2x2 boards to use as supports. And then we cut the plywood for the shelves. Then we sanded and primed the boards. Then we marked the lines in the closet where she wanted the shelves. Next we drilled pilot holes into the 2x2 boards so they wouldn't crack. Then, finally, we screwed in the 2x2's:

We kept a small level on the 2x2 at all times to make sure that it stayed level. And then we just kept screwing in the 2x2's on the previously marked lines and ended up with this:

Looks a little like a ladder. Finally, we laid the plywood boards on top of the 2x2's and high-fived each other! Looks like an open linen closet to me:

Go girl power! All that is left is to paint these little shelves and then call it done!


LORI said...

I'm in full swing remodel right now haha

In my bathroom, I want to do some recessed shelves in the wall. I haven't decided if I want to do open linen closet (bc we actually have a closet in there already) and if I did that it would be right next to the closet that's already there...weird or no? And the other option is to do them in between my mirrors over the sinks. If I do this one, I want to do it with glass shelves rather than wood. May do both but I don't want it to be overload either. Our house isn't that big so I'm trying to get as much bang for my buck. :)

My question is how do I go about "finishing" the hole once I cut it in the wall. I've never messed around with drywall more than some spackle. Haha

LORI said...

One more... :)

I hate the blinds we have on the front window of the house. Not bc I'm anti-blinds but bc our kitchen isn't huge and they make the kitchen dark to me (I never open them bc it opens to the front yard and you can see in the house from the road. I was thinking about frosting them or doing a window film. The top of the window has the arched, fan-type window so I probably won't be doing anything to that part so whatever I do I dont want it to look odd (I can always do it up there I was just thinking not frosting them would let in more light). And I'm trying to figure out curtain/window treatment options for this window...ideas? I want to use it to add some pop and color to the kitchen but the window is awkward to me. I thought about hanging a rod at the top of the arch and doing more floor to ceiling curtains which would make it look more rectangle like the bottom...or just putting curtains at the bottom (I just feel like that will cut the room in half --- we have a pitched roof in the kitchen and the master bedroom).

I could pick your brain all day about my dilemmas to get a little perspective and help.

Also, totally made me a v-neck slit tshirt out of my old stretchy tshirts...<3 them! I wore a turquoise one with a white tshirt skirt the other day and it looked so...not like I was wearing a tshirt. Haha

LORI said...

I never actually asked my question...too weird to frost a large front of the house window? It have a tree in front of it but not a large one (it blooms up high so just the trunk is by the window). I'm just trying to come with a privacy option that will allow me to take the blinds off without saying "hello world".

I need to actually do a blog post but you can check out my curtains from few months back if you want...I pretty much have zero readers so you'd be one of a few. Haha www.simplemademom.wordpress.com :)

Remodel This House said...

Lori - I started following you! About the closet, what about removing the door and making it an open linen closet? And then the glass shelves between the mirror? I like this idea better than recessed shelves and a closet.

Curtains - I think frosting would be fine. I used clear stain glass stuff to do my sidelights by the front door and love it! I also did the arch window above. And, I have the type of window you are asking about in my guest room. I wanted something different than a curtain rod, so I used a tree branch. Look under the projects tab for the sidelights and the tree branch rod.

Sheet rock - I hate fixing it! Too much to talk about here, so email me! I LOVE to help!
xo, Bethany

LORI said...

My phone is dying but I'll shoot you an email in the morning ;)

Unknown said...

Hey there Bethany! What you did is simple but awesome! I like how it turn out hope you can do the same to your avid readers. Looking forward for more Bethany!

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