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Stripe Me!

Yep, I decided to stripe the bare wall in the laundry room. But not wide, two-toned stripes. Those are so last year! Actually, they probably are all-the-rave right now, but are oh-too-predictable for me. So I decided to have a little fun with these stripes and just go crazy with them.

Well, not too crazy. I think fruit stripes would be a little too much for the small space so I kept the colors limited to blue and green. And all the paint was free because I used miss-matched paint already on hand. Plus I mixed a few leftover paints together and came up with some custom colors. Yay for custom and free!

So to get the lines on the wall, I traced along a level with chalk. Then I moved the level down and traced again. Not measuring anything, just making sure that the marks are level.

Then I put painters tape on the wall, following along the level marks.

Now it was time to paint! I just picked a color and started painting a stripe. No prior planning, no pattern - just paint. And if for some odd reason I didn't like it, I have the wall color so I could just paint over the stripes.

Finally I removed the tape while the paint was still wet. This makes for crisper lines. Of course, painters tape isn't perfect so there will be a few places that need touch-up. Or maybe I didn't get the tape stuck well.

After a quick touch-up, I stepped back to admire the new funky striped wall. And I am so smitten with it! The colors play nice together and really pump up the used-to-be-boring laundry room. Best part is that the project was 100% free. Such a nice surprise for zero dollars. And since I walk through the laundry room everyday to come and go, I get to see the stripes a lot. Good thing that I love them!

What do you think? A fun change?! It is really hard to photograph a stripy wall with two doors. Guess you'll just have to take my word on how great the stripes are...or come by for a visit if ever in Arkansas.


Christina said...

I bet it is hard to take a picture of that! But it does in fact look FABULOUS! I have been wanting to do stripes in my dining room, but I might start in a smaller room and see if I can actually do it! I love it! xoxo

Anonymous said...

You never stop amazing me! What a great project.

Jan W said...

love your stripes! great colors!
I just saw someone the other day making stripes-- with this tip-- first paint your stripes the same color as the wall, because then, the paint that creeps under the tape is the wall color (smart!). Follow up with your actual stripe color on top...no creep! Sure it adds an extra step, but I'd be willing!
Thanks for a fun blog.

The Pennington Point said...

That really makes a difference in such a small space! Great job. Lisa~

Meg said...

It is a fun change! I love the colors, it would definitely make me smile as well. I'd love for you to share this on my link party today! www.alittleknickknack.com Have a great weekend!

the cape on the corner said...

fabulous and fun! love it!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Very fun! I have wide two-toned stripes in my bathroom--now I'm wishing they had a bit more pizzazz!

Stephanie said...

Just saw this on Remodelaholic link party, so darn fun! I absolutely love it, you did a great job! The colors you chose and the different widths are so unique, I think you just started a new trend.

Erin said...

I absolutely love it!! I'm not patient or meticulous enough to do something like that. It seems like alot work....but definitely worth it in the end for such a gorgeous effect. :)

Nancy Davis said...

Love your DIY strife painting..a wonderful creation. Looking forward to do the same for my boys but touch of blue, pics will be posted here, click here.


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