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Tripod Lamp From Music Stand - DIY

When I found a rusty music stand at a yard sale for $1, I instantly knew that it would be my new lamp. Well, I knew that I was going to try to make it a lamp. I haven't ever made a lamp...until now. And the best part is that this is an easy project and can be done quickly.

You will need a stand, and a lamp kit. (Plus a bulb if you want it to shine, and a lampshade if you choose.) And yes, that is the old range and a messy dining room. In my defense, I "lost" my camera and I don't stage photos, I just take them.

First, open the package. Ha! I'm not going to be that detailed. Really first, run the wire from the lamp kit up the center tube of the music stand.

Then you want to put on the bottom piece that holds the harp. Don't know what it is technically named, but be sure to put it on first, before you wire up the socket. Trust me on this, I wired the socket up first and had to take it apart to put the harp holder on. Lesson learned.

Now wire up the socket. Take apart the socket so you can see the two screws. Then screw one wire to each of the screws and tighten them down. My electrician hubby would probably school me on to the proper electrical current and terminals...but he wasn't home and I did it all by myself with no teaching.

It is time to see if your wiring-work is legit. Screw a bulb into the socket and plug it in - be sure to place the cover of the screws so you don't get shocked! (Again, trust me on this. First time I have ever been zapped and it made me laugh, but this is no joking matter. Hubs would have shut the job down if he knew that last piece of info.)

If you are lucky, the bulb will shine. Woot for apprentice electricians, and/or DIY divas! Anyways, now you want to glue the harp holder and socket to the top of the tripod.

After it is dry, install the harp and lampshade. Then you have your very own tripod lamp.

Total project costs - $1. I already had the shade ($2 from a thrift store, that will be recovered) and a lamp kit, from this lamp project gone wrong. One whole dollar for a room-warming, corner-brightening, rusty-goodness lamp. I love it!

Pssst - I took to Google to see just how much money I saved on this DIY. Looks like hundreds...
Tripod Metal Desk Lamp
$369.91 from Lamps Plus


LORI said...

Super cute!!

Been stalking waiting for some new projects from you :) :)

Sarah said...

Sounds easy enough. I'm hunting for a music stand now to copy this!

Is that another lamp I see in the pic? What is the plan on that?

Uptrend said...

just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for

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Chad Booth said...

For the last 5 or 6 years I have wanted one of these lamps and the price definitely kept me away from it (sad face)....Thanks for this project!!! I will be making TWO for my DIY bedroom. Keep it up!!

Darmit said...

Nice tripod lamp. Can't wait to try this myself on my website.


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