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Phase 1 - Guest Bedroom

Well, I didn't get the guest bedroom finished this weekend. I secretly had hoped I would, but knew that it would be near impossible to be 100%. So that is why this is phase 1 and not the final reveal. But before I show the pics, let me remind you of what the space looked like Friday:

The plan was to make over the room as thriftily as possible and keep the design simple. The paneling was primed and then painted Warm Buff and the trim was painted Snow Dust - both Valspar colors. Painting the room took an entire day, even with the help of my sweet mom. Bare paneling is not easy to paint, but we succeeded.

Next up was addressing furniture arrangement. All of the furniture in the room stayed - the bed, two side tables, and a tall dresser. I thought a better arrangement would be to turn the bed onto the far wall, which is exactly what we did. And there is plenty of room for a table on each side. The dresser was moved to the wall opposite the foot of the bed. Much better. However, the headboard on the bed is not tall enough or beefy enough for my taste. So what is a thrifty girl to do? Drape the entire wall behind the bed in sheet-curtains. Ta da, instant glamour and a focal point for the bed. I used dowel rods and cup hooks to hang the sheet-curtains to save money instead of curtain rods.
The duvet is just laid on the bed. And that bulge is a bag of decor items.
And then we replaced the light fixture with a ceiling fan. Not we, actually my dad installed it with help from us. But the fan motor was womper-jawed when we got it installed and so the fan wobbled when turned on. Boo! The fan will have to be taken down and exchanged, another day. Here is the old fixture, straight out of 1970:

I snapped the pictures with my phone on the way out the door, so I'm sorry about the poor quality. But hopefully this will give you an idea of what we accomplished. I still need to hang some art, make the bed, and stage the room. And then I will have the final, final pictures.


Tiffany said...

Looking good. Can't wait to see the final pics.

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