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Light Bright

No more over-sized light in the dining room! What to do with this light gave me headaches. I love a large and in charge light fixture, but this one hung down a little too much. And the antique gold color is on the naughty list for our house. So leaving it is not an option. Strike one.
I thought I'd be thrifty and spray paint the fixture and then take out the extenda-arms to make it more of flush-mount fixture instead of a chandelier. Guess what - you can't. Sure they can be removed, but then there is nothing to support the globe. Strike two.

The next plan was to relocate it into the living room, which has tall ceiling. But with four recessed can lights in the ceiling, and the absence of a ceiling fan (which is pretty much a must-have in Arkansas) the fixture wouldn't work in the living room either. Strike three.

Three strikes and you're out. This fixture was not going to work in the house, no matter how much I tried to make it. (Not because I was in love with the fixture but I really try to work with what I have and save some dough whenever possible.) So I kindly donated it to my brother's house for it to become his headache - I'm nice like that.

And what light fixture did I decide to go with? The Knappa from IKEA, purchased on my sofa expedition trip. Love this light fixture! It adds great texture and a focal point for a mere $30 - double love! I was so excited about that light fixture until I got it home and realized that it was corded. Huh? I'm supposed to plug this light fixture into an outlet and run a visible wire up the wall and across the ceiling to the fixture?! No way! Enter handy electrician hubby. He had that fixtured whipped into shape and hung from the ceiling (with no visible wires) in a jiffy.
Bam! Take that Knappa!


Jen said...

looks great! I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesdays!
Hope you come by to visit.

Misty said...

Love the texture and boldness of the fixture.

I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday! I would love a follow back:) It would be awesome if you could also follow me on Networked Blogs & Facebook too! You could also stumble my blog if you like :-)

Thanks, Misty

Anonymous said...

Can you share how the electrical was hung from the ceiling? We had the same issue not knowing it was a corded plug. Please share your tips! Thanks... :)

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